Pre/post Employment Verification

employment For background check of the employee who are being considered for employment of all categories which helps the client in determining weather the said candidate is suitable or not. We also find out details of present and past employment of persons, whose cases are pending in Labour/Industrial courts, enabling companies in reducing their liabilities.

Under Cover Operations

under cover Solid evidence is the primary demand of any successful litigation, and this evidence is discovered only during discreet undercover operations. Complete Detective Service based in Delhi, India, has demonstrated expertise in all types of undercover operations including covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or elaborate undercover Sting Operations.

After understanding your requirements, we create a customized plan for your undercover operations investigation so you only get the services you need. We have state-f-the-art surveillance equipment like body wires, tracking systems, transmitters, high-powered equipment with photo/video capabilities, and broadcast-quality hidden surveillance cameras. All these are used to provide definitive proofs that will hold their ground in any court of law.

Contact us today to discuss your Under Cover investigation needs. We have been successful in helping hundreds of clients with our detective work, ensuring utmost secrecy & privacy at all times, and we're ready to help you too!

Labour Cases

labour cases In India, Labor problem is a major issues. You always get struck with the labors who always blackmails you with their demand and they always want to fight for their illegal demand and they claims a very handsome amount after terminating from the company on behalf of their employment while in the side by side they works in some other organization. We provides a valid documentary proof for the clients if they have gone to the court for their illegal claims.

Court Proofs

court proofs Complete Detective Services is having excellent & experience professionals to assists in preparing for the court cases which could save corporate from a great losses.

Background Check

background To avoid any transaction which causes financial losses to the companies, it is necessary for detailed investigation on companies as well as individuals before doing any business deals with any unknown companies.

Business/Market Surveys

Business Market Surveys There is an economic boom in India these days. India is an ultimate target for rest of the world in terms of business and international relationship. Every company across the world has moved their face towards India, to associate with. Before entering into the country, they want a short or details business and Market survey.

Complete Detective Service has a complete setup to do such survey and revert with the positive and constructive output.

CDS has expert professional from different sector for the business and market survey. We are spreaded round the country. There are many MNCc are in our list of clients. We have rich experience in the sector of business and market survey.

We develop a data based system to see what haunts your business as a whole, why are your products not as readily acceptable as others in a particular market/markets, or if accepted, why are they not faring so well as are the others. Using a data based system; you will get reports of the loopholes of your business to help you to devise correct market strategies. We assure you that we will help you to create a synergy, which will take your business in the right direction. Any reputed advocate would certainly like to build his case strong enough to get the verdict in the favor of his client. However some time genuine and strong cases become week and are lost for lack of concrete evidence and supporting information, which one finds difficult to obtain on his own.