Telephone Harrasment

Telephone Harasment




Repetitive hang-ups, anonymous obscene phone calls and threatening e-mail messages are all examples of harassment, the most common of which is telephone harassment.

Harassment is defined as an offense with the intent to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment or embarrass by telephone or writing. Harassment is also a communication which is obscene or threatening.

Individuals who receive harassing, annoying or threatening telephone calls are encouraged to contact the Complete Detective Service for assistance. Maintaining a telephone log that documents the dates and times of calls will be helpful in determining what measures the police may pursue.

Harassment is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a fine and/or up to 180 days in jail.



Your most trustworthy employee could actually be your competitors spy. passing out secrets and information. This could include trade secrets, special formulas, plans, programmers. contracts bids sales figures, profit margins, research findings new products ideas. promotionalstrategies and other products ideas, promotional strategies and other vital information which is considered as valuable catch by rival companies.

We at Complete Detective Service offer you special services to detect the traitor in your organisation and save you from major setbacks, before it is too late.

Counterfeit Product and Trademark Infringement

Trademark Squires products with your brand name and trademark could be enjoying your market share and eating into your profits. Several factors combine to make these practies difficult todetect, curtail and cnotrol.the legal implications are hazy, trading occurs in faraway places sometimes crossing national boundaries and involving countries with different approaches to this problem.

Combating with different approaches to this problem. Combating these practices requires the quallity to co-ordinate investigative activities in several geographics locations at one time. Complete Detective Service proven expertise in investigation coupled with its world wide scope of operations makes Complete Detective Service uniquely qualified for this task. Complete Detective Service offers a comprehensive for phase programme for helping clients overcome problem with squires good manufacturers.

• Detection
• Identification
• Curtailment
• Prevention


Many a times, spurious products with your brand name and trademark enter the market. These products enjoy your market share and reduce your profit margin to a considerable extent. These practices are difficult to detect as trading occurs in distant places and across geographical boundaries. We co-ordinate our investigative activities across several geographic locations to detect, identify, curtail and prevent the business in counterfeit products and infringement of trademarks.
Complete Detective Service Provides services to his client to check and catch hold of the organization who make the duplicate products and reduce your profit margin.

Cyber Crime

As the modern corporate world gets increasingly computerised a significant new dimension is add to corporate crime. This is computer related losses and new ingenious ways to commit these crimes.

Finger Prints Investigation

We also provides finger prints investigation to our corporate as well as the personnel clients when anything happens like fraud /theft from house or office. In that case we picks fingerprints from the crime scene and match the finger prints from the suspicious person or criminal, In most of the cases our experts opinion has accepted by the court of law also. We have our own laboratory to develop all the prints and match ing process and we gives opinion to our valuable clients.

Handwriting Authentication

This more specifically covers fraudulent manipulations and causes a major loss to the corporate world. The extent to which handwriting may be miss-used, is beyond imagination and astonishing. Unauthorized persons may sign cheque of very large amounts, persons not authorized may issue indents on the document and trickster may misdirect delivery orders etc.

To eliminate all these issues we have a team of experts to catch the cheater immediately. Complete Detective Services has an association with the finest Forensic Experts also and with the help of their modest techniques even unforeseen finger/foot prints could be accessible.

Locating Missing Persons

Runaway persons/ teenagers.
Loss and missing kids/ woman, old age person, kidnapping.
Locating fraud related vanishings.

We are expert in missing person searches and in the fight against counterfeiting, and we additionally provide a range of inquiry, search, investigation, shadowing and surveillance services.

We use state of the art technology to provide you with the best results and accept commercial or private missions.

We also have modern new investigation ways, suited to the work we carry out: shadowing, inquiry, research, etc.

Investigation can uncover share frauds, credit card crime, financial thefts and manymore Complete Detective Service can detect and help prevent such crime by provididng a complete package to counteractrelated frauds and abuses.

Laisoning with Police Departmement


Laisoning with police in the cases against / for them. We hold briefs for you in police cases, whether in lodging complaints or in attending complaints against you. Efficient handling during police action for the peace of mind.

Advocate Panel

Advocate Panel

We have an advocate panel representing in High Court, Lower Courts for civil, Criminal Cases, Family Court Cases, Intellectual Property Rights and for all types of Problems, Cases we have Experienced, Senior Lawyer Engagements.

Nri Problems

We verify, Advice about any Persons, Properties, Business, Builders, Real Estate Owners, Business Partners, Life Partners and their Fidelity. We have a Day Today Pulse of the Leading Professionals (Advocates, Doctors, Builders) in their respective fields, whom we can suggest for your particular types of problems.

Sale or purchase of movable and immovable through NRI in India.
Pre-post matrimonial matters.
Employment verification.
All other entire gamut of NRI's investigations.