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Private investigator bill is pending in Rajya Sabha since 2007 for approval and once it is approved, the detective professionals and agencies will be licensed in India. The state level and national level license will be issued by constituted board for state and centre. At present the detective industry is doing the business of 5000 crore per year approximately. The most noble, challenging and respected profession of investigation will be recognized by the Indian govt. very soon.

Although no basic qualification is required to become a detective and investigator all through the world as well in India, but we invite applications from all fresh graduate/under graduate, personal retired from army and other govt. departments, male/female who are willing to make it as career from all the major/minor cities of India.

 Our company will train you about this profession giving one month training and practical exposure about the cases to handle to begin with. This will be followed by the company's back-up to educate you in multidimensional field of investigations. Complete Detective Service is spreading its network all through the regions of India. Interested personal to join the network and willing to make this profession as career may apply with full details.

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